Introduction of a model course for worshipping Mt. Fuji to fully enjoy the mountain.

Three-day Sacred Trekking around Mt.Fuji

Through this tour, "Japan", such as "prayer" for mountaineering safety prayer and staying at the house of "Oshi" who took care of the people of "Fujiko", with the highlight of having a simulated experience of "worship" up to the 5th station of Fuji. Have them touch the "heart of the person".

Discover Hidden and Spiritual Spots around Mt.Fuji

It is a tour to go around "Yohai" place and "Lava tree type (inside the womb)" with a sense of adventure by mountain bike or E-Bike.

Journey to Purify your Mind and Spirit around Mt.Fuji

Introduction of Mt. Fuji worship, Goshuin tour, Visiting the womb